Safety Fuel SF5100 Diesel-Gasoil Engine Cleaner

Do you have problems with your EGR valve, FAP or injectors?

Safety Fuel Diesel-Gasoil is the ultimate engine product to maintain the different parts of your engine. It is a cleaner for Injectors, FAP, EGR valve which ensures the engine a 100% efficient combustion. It lowers the fuel consumption, enhance engine performance and increases the overall life of the vehicle.

Best of all, Safety Fuel is a 95% biodegradable product with minimal impact on our planet.


Deep Engine Cleaning


Low Fuel Consumption


Enhanced Engine Performance


Decreased Pollutant Emissions

SF5100 - More than an engine cleaner

Safety 5100 is a multipurpose product with many more qualities. Being biodegradable , it is an ecological asset but it also plays multiple other roles – its is a lubricant, a fingicide and antioxydant (anti-mould and anti-rust).

Facing performance issues with your car or heavy vehicles?

The significant improvement in engine performance is one of the immediately visible results when using the safety fuel.