Get to know what your crop needs and where it needs it

Our partner CSMT has developed a technology that collects data and gathers them into an overview map, where you can easily see the state of your crop and spot the potential growing issues.

Our technology allows you to quickly react to those issues, and apply the treatment your crops needs as soon as it needs it, and exactly – and only – where it needs it.

See what DRL and CSMT can do for you.

Navigation system

D.R.L is working with Hexagon Agriculture to provide you with the most updated GPS systems. Enjoy all the advantages expected from a modern guidance system : field navigation, alignment, automation of product and seed applications, and more.

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Target the spraying

Applying the same product at the same dose on an entire crop means:

  • Risking an overdose or under-dose
  • Wasting your product
  • And therefore, your money

The solution: target your product applications

Combine the technology of CSMT with modern navigation systems: encode the data collected by NDVI into your GPS to ensure the accuracy of your product applications: automatic, they are targeted, and regulated according to the varying needs of your crop.